Thank you for purchasing our molding kit. The molding you have purchased is made of the highest quality materials available. 

Temperature of the vehicle and molding(s) must be at least 70*F (20*C). (Installation of moldings at temperatures below 70*F (20*C) or above 110*F (44*C) must be avoided. The vehicle floor heater can be used to warm the molding.

2 The body of the vehicle must be clean and dry to achieve maximum adhesion.

3 The area where the molding will be applied should be cleaned of all wax and oils. If using a 3m promoter now would be the time to us this on the surface the trim will be installed to. Be sure to install trim within 5-7 minutes after using the promoter.

Remove the liner from the adhesive 8-10” at a time as you are applying the molding to the vehicle. Begin by apply molding to the wheel wells forming it around the curve of the installation area. Be careful not to contaminate the adhesive (Common sources of contamination: Oil from the installer’s hands, dust or lint from clothing, worktables or the floor. Do not touch the adhesive at any time.  

Use firm hand pressure to ensure good adhesion of the molding. ONCE THE MOLDING IS APPLIED TO THE VEHICLE SURFACE IT SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED. Rub the molding hard at least six times with a rubber roller to ensure maximum adhesive bond is achieved. Press hard with a blunt object on all molding ends to ensure a permanent bond.

THE MANUFACTURER DOES NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE TO PAINTED SURFACES CAUSED BY MASKING TAPE OR MOLDING REMOVABLE. The information presented above is supplied in good faith but no guarantee of its accuracy is made or implied. All products are sold upon conditions that the purchaser shall conduct their own test to determine suitability of such product for their particular application and use. The purchaser shall assume all risk and liability for the use of this product.