How To Install Rim Guards

Rim Guards Installation Instructions

  • Clean surface with wax and grease remover. After this use rubbing alcohol to remove the wax and grease remover. If rim is not completely cleaned the trim will not adhere to the surface properly.
  • Use provided 3m promoter pads on installation surface. Let this sit for 5 minutes before installing but do not allow to sit longer than 15 minutes.
  • Start by applying the product along the rim guiding the molding around the rim. Be sure to apply pressure while installing to be sure it fully adheres to the surface. Make a small mark on the molding once you get all the way around the rim and trim off the excess.
  • Go back around the rim after trim is installed and apply pressure to the trim all the way around making sure the entire strip is adhered to the surface.
  • Do not driver over 40MPH for 24 hours so the tape can adhere.

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