The whole door edge guard installation process can be wrapped up in six quick steps, all of which are laid out below.

1. Clean

Before applying any edge guard trim, be sure to clean the area. Door edge guards will stick best on a surface free of dirt, dust, road grime, and wax, so be sure to remove any stubborn spots, including leftover adhesive residue.

2. Measure

Inspect the length of the door edge protectors to be sure they aren’t too short. Just hold them against the door edge itself to see how they measure up.

3. Apply

Peel off the backing from one door edge guard, and begin sticking it to the door edge, working from top to bottom. Use your fingers to push down and smooth out the guard as you go. The L-shaped trim should fit snugly, creating a tight line that will look good as it shields your door edge from nicks.

4. Trim

Trim away any leftover edge guard hanging at the bottom.

5. Repeat

Repeat on as many doors as necessary. The door edge trim can also work on rear hatches.

6. Smile

Admire your own handiwork and resourcefulness in equipping your Honda, Toyota, Lexus, etc. with door edge guards. This might actually be the step that takes the longest. Go ahead. Pat yourself on the back a little longer. You can even add more time to this project by inviting other people to come see what you accomplished. Family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and total strangers passing by are all fair game.

If you take the new trim (and the rest of the vehicle) out for a spin and put a nick in the adhesive lines meant to guard the doors, you can remove them back at home base and put on some fresh ones.

Note that edge guard trim is different from car door molding. The trim protects the edge of your car doors from chips, while molding runs horizontally along the entire door to protect the surface from dings that come from opening it into trees, poles, and walls, or from other drivers opening their own doors into yours.

THE MANUFACTURER DOES NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE TO PAINTED SURFACES CAUSED BY MASKING TAPE OR MOLDING REMOVABLE. The information presented above is supplied in good faith but no guarantee of its accuracy is made or implied. All products are sold upon conditions that the purchaser shall conduct their own test to determine suitability of such product for their particular application and use. The purchaser shall assume all risk and liability for the use of this product.