How to install F-150 Tailgate Precut Decal Strip

Some helpful hints before stating your installation…

We recommend installing your kit in an enclosed area free from dust between 60 and 90 degrees, where the weather will not freeze for up to 3 days. Clean the area before installing to clear it of anything thing that can cause contamination.

You can never use too much solution! It is best to use a premixed window solution but you can make your own. We recommend using 3% Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and 97% distilled water.

VERY IMPORTANT! When peeling off the precut piece, wet the adhesive side of the vinyl with application solution. If you don’t and the tint touches itself it will not come apart!

Slide the precut piece into position on the tailgate. When pleased with the placement, squeegee an anchor point in the middle to hold the film in place. Then squeegee the solution out to the sides of the vinyl.