How to install mirror molding?

mirror chrome molding

The whole mirror molding installation process can be wrapped up in six quick steps, all of which are laid out below.

1. Clean

Before applying any molding trim, be sure to clean the area. Door molding will stick best on a surface free of dirt, dust, road grime, and wax, so be sure to remove any stubborn spots, including leftover adhesive residue.

2. Measure

Inspect the length of the mirror molding to be sure they aren’t too short. Just hold them against the mirror itself to see how they measure up.

3. Apply

Peel off the backing from one door molding piece, and begin sticking it to the door, working from one side to the other. Use your fingers to push down and smooth out the guard as you go. 

4. Trim

Trim away any leftover trim hanging off the end.

5. Repeat

Repeat the other mirror. 

6. Smile

Admire your own handiwork and resourcefulness in equipping your Honda, Toyota, Lexus, etc. with door edge guards. This might actually be the step that takes the longest. Go ahead. Pat yourself on the back a little longer. You can even add more time to this project by inviting other people to come see what you accomplished. Family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and total strangers passing by are all fair game.