Precut Window Tint Instructions

How to Install Precut Window Tinting Kit?

Your customs pre-cut window tint kit is made with CAD designed software to me 100% accurate for each piece. This do-it-yourself tint project, with a little research and patience you can save money and have a professional looking tint job. We are not responsible for how you install the film, there are many factors involved when installing your tint that we have no control over.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to peel the excess tint AWAY from the pre-cut pieces first, leaving the tint pieces on it’s clear liner. If you remove the pre-cut shape without removing the excess tint around the shape first you can easily tear the pre-cut pieces.


First start off by separating the precut pieces from the film as shown in the example below.

 Window Tint Kit Installation Instructions

Second trim and peel off the excess film. Start by cutting the edge of the excess film.

 Pre-cut Window Tint Kit Installation Instructions

Third step very carefully peel off the excess film away from the window pieces, leaving the precut shape tint on the clear liner.

 Pre Cut Window Tint Kit Installation Instructions






Some helpful hints before stating your installation…

We recommend installing your kit in a shades area, in an enclosed area free from dust between 60 and 90 degrees, where the weather will not freeze for up to 3 days. Do not apply the film in or let dry in direct sun light. We send the back window with the third brake light cut out if possible, if not you must remove the third brake light for a professional well installed kit. Clean the windows inside and out before installing to clear it of anything thing that can cause contamination along with the door panels and rubber seals on the side windows.

We strongly recommend the use of a heat gun for heat shrinking each window before installation (for curved windows) ESPECIALLY THE BACK WINDOW. The heat gun can also help in removing air bubbles and air fingers when installing. Please see the link address we have provided for heat shrinking.

  1. The film comes with a clear liner attached to the tint to protect the adhesive. Always peel the excess tint AWAY from the precut shape first, leaving the precut piece on its clear liner.

VERY IMPORTANT! When peeling off the precut piece, wet the adhesive side of the tint with application solution. If you don’t and the tint touches itself it will not come apart!

  1. To discover which side is the liner side, use two pieces of tape to pull a corner of the film apart. The clear liner is the protective layer.
  2. Spray solution on the glass and film. Spray both sides of the film so that there will be lubrication when you squeegee on the tint. You can never use too much solution! It is best to use a premixed window solution but you can make your own. We recommend using 3% Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and 97% distilled water..
  3. With the film and glass wet apply the precut piece on the inside of the windows only, never on the outside.
  4. Slide the precut piece into position on the window. When pleased with the placement, squeegee an anchor point in the middle to hold the film in place. Then squeegee the solution out to the sides of the tint.

Roll up windows: Always position the film 1/8of an inch from the top edge of the glass. You may think it’s too large for your windows, but keep in mind you still need to tuck the tint behind the weather stripping and window gaskets.


Back glass: Most rear car windows have a compound curve so you must heat shrink the window for a proper installation. Start by spraying solution on the outside of the back window with the liner still in place facing up, squeegee a horizontal anchor onto the film to bring all the excess film into 'finger' shapes on the top and bottom of the window. Pass the heat gun over a finger quickly, just until you see the film react, smooth that area flat with a rolled up paper towel, hard card wrapped in paper towel, or a hand that is wearing a wool glove, then do the same thing with the fingers that pop up on either side of the one you just smoothed flat, and so on. After the film is all flat repeat the procedure with a hard card instead of a gloved hand or paper towel. Peel the liner off, spray heavily with solution and install on a prepared rear window.


If for some reason you make a mistake or damage a piece when installing please contact us. Here at true-line automotive we will work very hard to please our customers. If you need a replacement piece we will be more than willing to provide this at a discounted price. We will not stop until you have completed your project!

Return policy: Returns will only be accepted due to seller error. We do not allow returns if you bid on the wrong item. Returns must be made within 20 days and before any attempt to install the tint.  

If you have any questions please contact us at